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Ever feel like you are in the dark about CU-SeeMe? If so read on. As a techie I have tried to 'give back' to the net what it has given me. Forgive me if the solution to your problem doesn't jump right out at you. I have tried to make the navigation a easy as possible. Read thru several pages before giving up as you may have multiple problems and not know it!

Using CU-SeeMe 5?
There are some changes you MUST do to allow ALL others see you!
See my CU5 quick setup. Don't be fooled because other CU5/6 users
can see you fine BEFORE you make this change!


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    Reflector list As of Monday, October 3, 2005

    The New millennium brings, DSL, Cable Modems and Home Networks

    Home Networks and high speed internet connections have got to be the biggest joy for many, unfortunately they are the biggest source of problems with CU-SeeMe lately. Routers, Switches, Hubs and Firewalls (MS-Windows Internet Connection Sharing is a form of firewall) all interfere with CU-SeeMe in varying degrees. Check out the Network page and the Wrong IP page if your getting the error message: "Your IP is incorrect, restart CU-SeeMe". Other Network related errors are: "Unable to connect" or "timeout connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" (where x is some number, not a rating) or "host not found" or "host doesnt exist" or "cannot resolve reflector_name.com" where reflector_name.com isn't all numerical. Example diosa2.tzo.com.

    What is CU-SeeMe?

    CU-SeeMe is a program that gives people the ability to video conference with people from their computers. With CU-SeeMe, you can SEE and TALK to other people. You need at least a 28.8 modem to use CU-SeeMe. In order for others to see you, you will also need a camera. You can use the software without a camera to see and talk to other people, but they will not be able to see you.

    What is a reflector

    A reflector runs on a server allowing groups of people to video conference in one "room". A reflector is not needed for one-on-one communications, but when more than two people wish to talk, they connect to a reflector with their CU-SeeMe software. There are many reflectors on the internet. Some are private, and others are freely accessible to the public. The vast majority of the reflectors are free, but some of the adult reflectors charge admission.

    Your IP address is incorrect, restart CU-SeeMe

    It amazes me how many times I see seasoned network people and cu-seeme veterans all jump at the catch all single fix of "...Just remove the extra adapters and all will be OK". Truth be told I have found six different causes for this error and many times several of these are present simultaneously!

    So, what did I find out about the IP is incorrect, restart CU-SeeMe error? A whole page worth, plus a few items not posted yet as they aren't ready for non-techies! These extra adapters do have a large part of the single causes and also the multiple cause ones as well. AOL 4 remaining after an AOL 5 install is a big one. Old ISP dial up objects remaining after switching ISP's is another. Web TV installed and no longer/never used also.

    Windows versions from Windows 98 Second Edition onward added another kink to the picture with Internet Connection Sharing aka ICS. This ends up being another NAT issue which is explained on my Network page. Even when removed it leaves behind a part of itself (DHCP) if a 2nd LAN card is present. I go thru how to turn that off.

    High speed connections and home network devices add another layer to the mix with NAT and DHCP once again added along with some new configuration woes. Earthlink DSL is CU NAT crippled from the get go, so do leave it at the curb and get a new ISP thank you! Others give you setups that take a bit of techie massage to open up for CU-SeeMe's special requirements.

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